Friday, April 6, 2018



What Niche Marketing Really Is - It is simply a type of laborious, cruel details of life that the large boys have all of the money they need to advertise and promote their products and us little guys are on advertising budgets which can be so small they in all probability don’t add as much as what the big boys spend on paper clips in a month. Competing with the massive boys isn’t possible…or attainable, for that matter. So what are us little guys supposed to do?

Niche marketing is our answer. We can’t advertise our products and services to the world at large but we don’t have to be able to do that to be able to make a fairly respectable living… thanks to the Internet.

Niche marketing is promoting particular services or products to a restricted audience. One particular person with a pc, an internet connection and a good suggestion can go into business for himself on the Internet and goal the individuals who would be most interested in what he has to promote and do the entire above on a really restricted advertising budget.

Discovering the appropriate niche for what it's a must to sell isn’t really all that difficult. Just think about who the individuals are who would be most keen on what you have to sell. For instance, when you have concocted a shampoo system that may take chlorine out of a person’s hair, you possibly can’t compete with giant firms that sell shampoo but you may slender your market all the way down to a niche and goal sales to those that have swimming pools. You purchase a domain, get a server, and build an internet site to promote your product JUST to people who have swimming pools.

In essence, niche marketing is promoting a services or products to those who want or need the product the most.