Friday, February 16, 2018



Weak spot in Secure Checklist - How would you like to ship your industrial emails to folks you do not know, however expect to obtain such mail from you? Wait a minute. That doesn't sound right. How can this be?

It's easy, if you realize what is really going on. Everyone who's on these lists, also called safe lists, knows that they will be receiving emails from different members. This is possible as a result of that is likely one of the situations of their “safe checklist” membership.

And those that be part of these lists are prepared to agree to this condition as a result of they themselves would want to ship out their very own business emails to the others on the list.

The result: everyone is sending emails to each other however no one is reading them!

It gets worse when some savvy members join the membership using a free or less-frequently-used account to store the useless emails they are going to never bother to open and read.

Having mentioned that, it's always wiser to start your own mailing list and build it with decide-in subscribers, irrespective of how tempting safe lists may be or what number of members there are in a safe list.